For those of you who know me, you know I don't get tickd off really often. It just doesn't happen. But today is a different story. Today I just see people being stupid in the hallways and in their lives and towards other people and I just want to kick them and inflict pain and random stuff on them. I've also seen people sucking up to other people and those people getting inflated on themselves. I just want to pop their little bubbles and yell at them some. I almost did once, but I held my tongue. It's like I'm on fire, just burning to do whatever I want to do and crush anyone who gets in my way. If this is how you're supposed to feel to be successful I hope I'm always a bum living homeless on the streets.

And looking back over the last couple of years my blog has existed, through Xanga and then here on Blogger I've seen that I've failed. It used to be that I'd write about whatever the heck I wanted whenever I wanted. But then I got an audience and people started reading my blog and commenting and that just made me feel all peachy keen inside so I started writing for those people instead of just writing what I felt. I've become a hoax. I'm sorry. I've failed everyone who reads this as well. I've become one of the masses who just wants to be popular and succeed and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. But it can't be done. If I'm gonna depend on myself I'll fail miserably every time. I need to live totally for God and pull out all the stops and say that He is in control. Giving up control is probably the most important thing I can ever do.

That said, this blog is going bye-bye. It's still going to be sitting here in all it's technicolor flamey wonderment, but the poster will not be here. I'm moving on. To another blog. Time to say goodbye.

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Don't agree. Disagree.

You know what I really hate? I really hate it when I give a crappy video to someone to preview and they're like "oh, that's very good Brian" and shout at their backs (for they are walking away) "No it isn't! How can I make it better!" But they just turn and wave like they didn't hear me and shout from the distance "It's awesome Brian!" and I want to punch someone in the head. So the moral of the story? Don't be afraid to offend me. Also, don't be afraid to offend me. Oh, and don't forget: I don't get offended easily. Don't worry about offending me.

EDIT: And I deleted that dang personality test result. Why can't I just be myself?
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Naryamion: 'cause we all know beer is a moral
RunQuoteRun: beer is not a moral!
Naryamion: yes it is!
Naryamion: You don't know that!

Petra is also very very awesome. My sister found the CD that we had lost a long time ago :-D
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WOWIFLI #whatever

Naryamion: good question! if anyone here were stranded on a desert island with only Brad Pitt and a coconut tree, what would you do?
AlmightyMetaphor: not sure if i trust mr tharp with questions, after those journals...
XxLonelyfaerieXx: hit brad pit over the head
imonlymindy: eat brad pitt
rosellathewimp: cut down the coconut tree and make a sword to kill brad pitt
XenophonicFolly: Put him in the tree and fire it like a catapult
RunQuoteRun: hit brad pitt with the coconuts and slide his unconciuous form into the ocean.
rosellathewimp: and survive off his remains
AlmightyMetaphor: hang brad pitt from the coconut tree
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Hot Tea

Well, I think I'm recovered enough to tell this story. You know, emotionally recovered.... and physically but that's beside the point. :-P

On Fridays in French II we can have tea, 'cause that's just a cool thing we do. Well last Firday there was this cup of hot tea sitting on the desk right next to me and this one girl comes up next to me and wants to walk through between the desks but she couldn't just turn sideways and walk through like the rest of us. No, she had to shove the desk aside, spilling a cup of hot tea right into my lap! Of course I was really alarmed by this.... I jumped up and started pulling at my pants and I go "GET IT OFF ME GET IT OFF ME GET IT OFF ME!" And then "WHOAH! MY PANTS ARE REALLY HOT!" So the teacher and the whole class looks at me dancing around pulling at the legs of my pants and yelling at them and the girl who pushed the desk over just stood there for a minute and then got a tissue and went back to her seat. I stood there for a while and then looked up and said (to the whole class) "Heh, uh.... mint tea. hot. heh." And kind of looked around and then they kept going with their lives and I turned red. I hope that never happens again.
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Sure thing. Just to let you know: rabbits are weird. Happy Rachel?

And guess what? I biked to church today! It was really fun but I'm tired now. Whee.
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Go to bed Brian!

Do you know what happens when I'm really tired and rabid and kind of crazy looking? Well, I usually stay up, but tonight I'm going to bed. Whoo. This oughta be interesting. Maybe I won't actually be drooling on my desk during 1st period tomorrow, wouldn't that be nice? As if it's going to happen....
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And in the news

This is today's post. Thank you. I just wasted a minute of your life. HAH!
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Homeowner's Association Beware

Homeowner's association beware.... for I am.... SUPER GATE HOUSE MAN!

Tee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee
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True Happiness

What is it that makes life truly worth living? Is it money? No, it can't be money. Just look at all the people around the world who are very happy without money and the people right here in America who have so much money and are so unhappy. So then how about fame? Or power? Or knowledge? None of these. Some more likely things could be family and friends, but even if you have the greatest family ever in the whole entire history of the world you can still feel like you're missing something. No, none of the above are the secret to true happiness. God is the only thing that makes life worth living. I would've given up long ago if it weren't for God. He created everything, He is in control of everything, and He knows everything.
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